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What’s involved in production of an audiobook?

  • Watch the free video, The Audiobook Production Tour. It takes just 13 minutes to understand the different roles and responsibilities in the process; and know how to work effectively with a narrator to have a smooth project. 

How do I choose the best Distribution Channel for my audiobook?

10 Key Questions to Answer Before Picking A Distribution Channel for Your Audiobook, coming soon!)

If I want to record my own audiobook, what will I need to get started?

Check out The Quick Start Guide to Great Sound.

The Writers Audiobook Clinic

Designed to be a resource for Independent (Indie) Authors in the US and Canada who are looking to publish their work as an audiobook, the Writers Audiobook Clinic is here to help solve problems.

It provides useful information, resources, templates and training for the entire process, from book to launch.

The Writers Audiobook Clinic hosts free Zoom sessions once a month to discuss as a community issues experienced, specific topics, or trouble spots authors and narrators are encountering.

Additionally, we offer The Breakthrough Narration Course – just for Writers. This is an 10-week course designed for writers who want to narrator their own audiobook. The course’s five modules guide authors through the entire process from setting up a recording space to hosting a launch party. Lessons are presented in a combination of pre-recorded videos and live sessions.

Get more information on the course here.

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